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6 Movie Characters Who Are Still Floating in Space

Gravity is out this Friday, and we know from the trailer that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are astronauts who end up in some pretty deep shit when they float away from their shuttle. Just in case there’s no happy ending, here are some people that might be able to keep them company out there. […]


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  • Chanbara Beauty: Vortex Chanbara Beauty: Vortex The time is the near future, and the world is about to come to an end. An organization, in an attempt to discover a potion of immortality, has instead to discover a potion of immortality, has instead created zombies, who now roam the earth. Sugito, the mad scientist, who created the zombie legions is now dead, and the two sisters, Aya and Saki, who had their destined showdown recently are reunited!  read more
  • The Strangers Gundown The Strangers Gundown With its horror-movie styling and ultra-violent nature, this perfect example of a Euro gothic western. During the Civil War, three Confederate officers, leaders of a Confederate regiment, sell out to the Yankees, kill the sentries and allow the enemy troops to slaughter their whole company.  read more
  • The Possession In Japan The Possession In Japan When Lisa turns 20, she starts suffering from a diabolical affliction. Her face becomes horribly disfigured by an untreatable condition and her diagnosis becomes much worse. When evidence suggests that she is possessed by the devil, Lisa’s father tries to exorcise the evil spirits in a life and death fight for her soul.  read more
  • Blazing Stewardesses Blazing Stewardesses This broad comedy, the sequel to NAUGHTY STEWARDESSES, finds a plane-full of oversexed airline attendants touching down on a ranch. Little do they know, however, about the masked bandit lurking in the sagebrush, who just might ruin their plans for some lusty fun.  read more
  • Darkness (T.M.A.) Darkness (T.M.A.) Weary of his rock-and-roll lifestyle as a successful musician, Marek (Ivan Franek) takes time off to live in the country home of his childhood so he can pursue his hobby of painting. Unfortunately, the old, forgotten manor offers anything but peace and quiet. Haunted by strange noises and vivid childhood memories, Marek soon senses he's living in the midst of a dark presence. read more
  • Horrorplanet Horrorplanet A six-man, six-woman planetary exploration team is investigating possible origins of a remote, desolate planet's apparently long-vanished civilization - so far, however, nothing has been found but a silent, lifeless world. Unbeknownst to the explorers, a strange alien creature has been waiting patiently in stasis for millions of years, biding its time. read more
  • RED SHOE DIARIES: Girl On A Bike RED SHOE DIARIES: Girl On A Bike When Will first lays eyes on Jacqueline, he thinks he's seen a vision. A perfect woman. He has to have her. He loves her. If only he could talk to her... It's not for lack of trying, but she's on her way somewhere... and fast. When she takes off on her bike, Will follows on his moped. What ensues is a wild, passionate cat and mouse chase through the streets of Paris. read more