More Comic Book Movies on the Way


Hollywood’s insufferable affair with comic book adaptations continues.

With upcoming film versions of “The Green Lantern”, “The Strange Case of Hyde”, “Judge Dredd” and the next installment of “Batman”, it seems like movie execs just can’t get enough of comic book characters. Unfortunately, it seems like moviegoers are growing tired of the trend. Honestly, do we really need another Judge Dredd? Was Sub-Mariner really such a significant cultural icon that he needs his own film?

With box office flops like “Johan Hex” and “The Watchmen”, it’s a wonder Hollywood continues to ride the wave. After all, for every success like Christopher Nolan’s nonsensical montage titled “The Dark Knight”, you have multiple failures like “Sin City” and “Hellboy”.

I’m drawing the line here. No more comic adaptations. Please.

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