Movie FAIL 2010: Box Office Bombs

Start with a predictable screenplay, wisp with ridiculous amounts of money, mix in three overpaid megastars, gently stir in an overrated director and bake for nine months. Layer with poor marketing and gently sprinkle on a horrible trailer. Here are this years biggest box office flops.

Gulliver’s Travels – Is it a kids movie? Is it for adults? Who cares. Apparently no one, though it’s still in theaters. Can anyone say “103 Million second week?” No.
STATS: Budget – $112M / Box Office: $9M

Prince of Persia – Because Americans love Persians these days. Jake Gyllenhaal in a wig.
STATS: Budget – $200M / Box Office: $90.7M

Robin Hood – Again?!? The only thing less appealing than another Robin Hood remake is a Gladiator remake.
STATS: Budget – $210M / Box Office: $105.2

The Wolfman – Trying to ride the vampire/werewolf trend? That wave crested about a year ago.
STATS: Budget – $150M / Box Office: $62M

Knight and Day – Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz combine their lack of charisma to create a movie that will hurt your eyes.
STATS: Budget – $117M / Box Office: $76.4M

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