Why Prequels Are The New Sequels

For decades, Hollywood’s go-to move when it came to extending the life of a popular franchise was greenlighting a sequel. But with lackluster installments like Lethal Weapon 4, The Matrix: Revolutions and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull– among many, many others– methodically killing the strategy over the years, something had to change.

Remakes of vintage properties were attempted, and we don’t appear to be out of those woods just yet. Craig Brewer’s Footloose, the most recent, performed admirably at the box office last weekend, and updates on such films as Dirty Dancing and National Lampoon’s Vacation are on the horizon, whether we want them or not. But the recent trend on studio production slates actually suggests that prequels – not remakes – are the new sequels. Get used to it. Read the full story at Cinemablend.



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