7 Actors Who Make Terrible Villains

Every now and then, a villain comes along that haunts our dreams. Leatherface. Michael Myers. Jafar. (What? He has a parrot that talks like Gilbert Gottfried. Terrifying.) But just as often, some pushy Hollywood agent gets their client a villain role they’re totally ill-suited for, and we pay the price. It’s going to happen this weekend when Julia Roberts takes on the role of the Evil Queen in Mirror Mirror, better known as that Snow White movie without all the grittiness, Charlize Theron or actual “Snow White” title. After she’s done laughing and grinning her way through her villainous part, maybe Julia can hang out with these actors, who also blew an evil role big time. Frankly, we’re surprised Batman didn’t just send Robin to take care of them. The full list or terrible villains at Maxim.


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