15 ‘Why Is THIS So Scary?!’ Movies

“Snow White”? “Harry and the Hendersons”? “Labyrinth”? These movies were never meant to terrify, and yet when we were kids… Pee-wee’s Playhouse was a bizarro wonderland curated by an adenoidal man-child in a too-small suit. It was also, by far, my favorite TV show as a child. When I finally followed my weirdo hero back to the 1985 film that spawned the series, I was ecstatic to find not one, but two nutball-genius visions at work: Paul Reubens and Tim Burton in his feature debut. It was likely the claymation prowess and dark humor of the latter that led to the single most frightening, pants-wettingest moment of the film: Large Marge, that legendary, ghostly trucker who looks…like…THIS! Check it out at EW.

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