5 Movies With Horribly Misleading Titles

There are times in a young gentleman’s life when, through no fault of his own, he finds himself somewhat drunk, friendless, and standing alone outside a movie theater, with just enough cash in his pocket for admission and a bag of peanuts, and absolutely nothing better to do for the next two hours (we call those times, “10AM on a Tuesday”). “Aha!” he might think to himself. “A movie I shall see! But which one? All I have to go on is the title, because phones with access to the Internet that can tell me what these movies are about are oddly absent in this frankly rambling and incoherent hypothetical introductory scenario. I’ll just see the one that sounds kind of badass.” A sound strategy, you might think – until you accidentally go and see one of these movies. Check out the full list at Maxim.

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