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Wicked Lake

Tweet A sensual supernatural shocker directed by Zach Passero, based on an original screenplay by Adam Rockoff. The film’s score and just released soundtrack album are by Ministry’s Al Jourgenson. It has also had a limited US theatrical release.

Budo: The Art Of Killing

Tweet BUDO: The Art of Killing is a highly acclaimed docu-drama and a favorite of martial arts practitioners and fans alike. Highlighting the various techniques of “Budo”, this action packed film is a visual feast exploring the spiritual and historical tradition, training and techniques of this specialized form of martial arts.


Tweet Citizen band radio takes to the freeways for fast-lane thrills and fly-over spills. Trucker Kris Kristofferson is chased through three states by a corrupt traffic cop. The green light is sent out for a convoy of truckers to help keep the police off his trail. Director Sam Peckinpah steps on the gas for an […]

Hansel & Gretel

Tweet What if Hansel and Gretel decided to stay in the gingerbread house and look for new parents who would love them forever? When Eun-soo gets lost in the country, he meets a mysterious girl and is led back to her fairy-tale house in the woods. Trapped with the girl and her ageless siblings, he […]

Broadcast Bombshells

Tweet The news stories aren’t the only thing that’s hot at TV station WSEX!” There’s Kendall Saranski, a beautiful anchor and the object of desire of all the eligible men at the station. There’s also Amanda Cross, who will do anything to beat out Kendall and further her career. It’s television with a bang at […]


Tweet After a man’s fiancée passes away, he discovers her diary. He reads erotic accounts of her sexual experiences with and without him. He solicits more diary entries from other women in the paper. In this episode, a woman is successful in business but not in love. But when a man finds interest in her […]

Max Roach: Live At Blues Alley

Tweet This 1981 live show at Washington DC’s famous Blues Alley features drummer extraordinaire Max Roach and his band. Filmed by filmmaker Gary Keys, this intimate portrait of Roach is stunning in its simplicity. The band sounds full and fierce, the film crisp and personal.

Doctor Blood’s Coffin

Tweet After being expelled from medical school in the big city, Dr. Peter Blood returns to his childhood home in Porthcarron, a remote village in Cornwell, where he is free to continue his dangerous and unauthorized experiments on people.

Good Boy

Tweet Max attempts to escape his trapped existence by stealing money from his dismal job and heading to California. In search of the American Dream… he stumbles into a nightmarish world ruled by Harley, a sadistic killer. Once inside Harley’s realm of depravity and human pets, Max finds himself in a deadly game of cat […]

Bizarre: Secrets Of Sex

Tweet Journey into the mind of the undead as a talking mummy guides us on a grand tour of the timeless “battle of the sexes” between man and woman. A cult classic from Executive Producer Richard Gordon.