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Juden Chan: Episode 10

Tweet Sadness be gone! Though depressed people are scattered across the world, there are those from a parallel world who are here to help. Known as Juden-chan, these busty ladies use their special powers to charge up the mentally dejected and earn a living in the process. While Aresta and Plug are performing their Judan-chan […]


Tweet Two newlyweds have their honeymoon interrupted by the news that the bride has landed a dream role in a big feature film. The groom, ever supportive, sends her off to the set and is left alone to his wild jealous imaginings of his wife and the leading man in one love scene after another. […]

Sci-Fi High

Tweet Billy becomes involved with his high-school science teacher, who leads him closer to the truth behind the strange things occurring at school. This leads to a thrilling climax in which the students must fend for their lives against an alien invasion of the school.

The Man Who Collected Food

Tweet His neighbors don’t notice a thing as Miguel eats…people. He has to, since eating his precious food is not an option. However, being a cannibal is not as easy as it seems, especially when you have a food collection to take care of.

Bad Biology

Tweet Driven by biological excess, a young man and woman search for sexual fulfillment, unaware of each other’s existence. It ends in an explosive, over-the-top sexual experience, resulting in a highly entertaining love story…..

The Boys & Girls Guide To Getting Down

Tweet Ever wanted the inside scoop on crashing that exclusive party, getting better than average dope or spending the night with someone you’d be ashamed to be seen with the next morning?

Being Michael Madsen

Tweet Being Michael Madsen is a comedic side of hunting down a photo journalist (Jason Alan Smith) or what most people know them as – a paparazzo by giving him a taste of his own medicine. This tabloid journalist almost destroys the film career of a notable actor to the big screen, Michael Madsen.

The Image of Bruce Lee

Tweet Bruce shines as an actor and dazzles the audience with an incredible display of martial arts talent in this violent film. Lee must battle against overwhelming odds stop the outlaws.

The Boys & Girls Guide To Getting Down

Tweet The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down offers “useful” advice on getting into the club, scamming free drinks & tipping the bar staff.


Tweet Academy Award nominee Helen Mirren gives a smoldering performance as a hostess and prostitute in a posh London nightclub. When Beaty falls for a mysterious American, she is brought even deeper into a criminal underworld.