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6 Movie Characters Who Are Still Floating in Space

Tweet Gravity is out this Friday, and we know from the trailer that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are astronauts who end up in some pretty deep shit when they float away from their shuttle. Just in case there’s no happy ending, here are some people that might be able to keep them company out […]

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Movie Is Further Along Than Fans Think

Tweet The rapidity of DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ production on the upcoming Man of Steel sequel has always been a curious thing. The film exploded out of Comic-Con 2013 with the headline that it would be the Batman vs. Superman movie fans have been waiting on forever – and it didn’t stop there, either. […]

5 Movies With Horribly Misleading Titles

Tweet There are times in a young gentleman’s life when, through no fault of his own, he finds himself somewhat drunk, friendless, and standing alone outside a movie theater, with just enough cash in his pocket for admission and a bag of peanuts, and absolutely nothing better to do for the next two hours (we […]

5 Movies You Should Never See With Your Parents

Tweet Because gratuitous drugs, sex, and violence are best enjoyed without mom and dad. Starting with the infamous “fried chicken scene” from this NC-17-rated movie starring Matthew McConaughey is so disturbing, we couldn’t even show it here. If you accidentally sit down to watch this flick with a parent, you will never recover. Check out […]

Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator

Tweet All of a sudden, British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is everywhere. He’s the viallain Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, he’s in The Hobbit movies and he’s in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Not to mention the upcoming WikiLeaks movie The Fifth Estate. My point – this guy and his weird name are everywhere. So it’s […]

I’m Batman (For Some Reason)

Tweet Oscar-winning director Ben Affleck is set to star as Batman in Warner Bros. Man of Steel sequel, the studio announced Thursday. Zack Snyder will be returning to direct Affleck and Henry Cavill in the still-untitled film, which will be the first time Batman and Superman have shared the big screen. The press release announcing […]

Neill Blomkamp’s Sci-Fi Comedy ‘Chappie’ Getting 2015 Release

Tweet After Neill Blomkamp’s second film Elysium opened #1 at the box office just over a week ago, Sony announced last week that they’re partnering with Media Rights Capital to co-produce, co-finance and distribute his next film Chappie. The film will tell the story of a robot (voiced by Sharlto Copley) imbued with artificial intelligence […]

5 Superheroes Who Deserve R-Rated Movies (And Might Get One)

Tweet What if studios were to change their minds about adult oriented superheroes? Where would be the best place for them to start looking for great characters and stories? With Kick-Ass 2 due out in theaters this weekend, I’ve dived into the world of comics to find the characters who not only would be served […]

The 8 Craziest Pieces Of Movie Memorabilia (That People Actually Bought)

Tweet If you like movies, or if you like collecting, or if you like weird objects passed off as memorabilia, you’ll love this story. A jacket, an Oscar and a kidney stone are all on the list. Check out Maxim’s list of the 8 craziest pieces of movie memorabilia that people actually bought.

Classic Posters of Iconic Movie Cars

Tweet Cars And Films is a series of prints paying homage to some great films and the iconic vehicles used in them by graphic and web designer Jesús Prudencio. Based out of Seville, Spain, Prudencio embarked on this passion project with a simple, clean perspective. While most illustrators focus on the characters as the key […]