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Chanbara Beauty: Vortex

Tweet The time is the near future, and the world is about to come to an end. An organization, in an attempt to discover a potion of immortality, has instead to discover a potion of immortality, has instead created zombies, who now roam the earth. Sugito, the mad scientist, who created the zombie legions is […]

The Strangers Gundown

Tweet With its horror-movie styling and ultra-violent nature, this perfect example of a Euro gothic western. During the Civil War, three Confederate officers, leaders of a Confederate regiment, sell out to the Yankees, kill the sentries and allow the enemy troops to slaughter their whole company.

Death Trance

Tweet In an unknown place and unknown time, the Goddess of Destruction lies trapped inside a sealed coffin. Confined, she is held at bay from laying waste to the world. It won’t be long before her slumber is disturbed, and our heroes will have to battle it out in the ultimate struggle between good and […]


Tweet Sent to a realm between worlds, a soldier from our world faces his most dangerous mission ever. Caught between warring factions of the undead, he must decide if his salvation can be won through battle or sacrifice. Stan Wood, David P. Walen, Jack Abele, and Kym Davidson star in Integro!

Budo: The Art Of Killing

Tweet BUDO: The Art of Killing is a highly acclaimed docu-drama and a favorite of martial arts practitioners and fans alike. Highlighting the various techniques of “Budo”, this action packed film is a visual feast exploring the spiritual and historical tradition, training and techniques of this specialized form of martial arts.


Tweet Citizen band radio takes to the freeways for fast-lane thrills and fly-over spills. Trucker Kris Kristofferson is chased through three states by a corrupt traffic cop. The green light is sent out for a convoy of truckers to help keep the police off his trail. Director Sam Peckinpah steps on the gas for an […]

Movie Presidents Who Should Have Fired Their Security Staff

Where are all the guys that are supposed to jump in front of them in slow motion, screaming, “NOOOO”?

Karate Girl

Tweet Ayka (Rina Takeda) is a very mysterious high school girl that has a deep dark secret. She’s a master of martial arts and must keep her family’s legacy a secret to protect the family’s treasure, the Black Belt. But Ayka, accidently reveals her awesome fighting skills in public!

The 3 Best Heist Movies (That Stole From Other Heist Movies)

Tweet Now You See Me is out now, and it’s a heist movie that features magicians teaming up to rob banks. While we’re not sure that “Penn & Teller Go Bank Robbing” is the best idea for a heist, we applaud it for at least being original, unlike these ideas. Check out the list at […]

The Day Of The Triffids

Tweet When a spectacular meteor shower pummels the Earth, the billons who witness the event are left with an unexplained shock… they’ve all been rendered blind! Panic spreads when it’s discovered that the meteorites have also left alien spores behind which quickly grow into Triffids.