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Juden Chan: Episode 10

Tweet Sadness be gone! Though depressed people are scattered across the world, there are those from a parallel world who are here to help. Known as Juden-chan, these busty ladies use their special powers to charge up the mentally dejected and earn a living in the process. While Aresta and Plug are performing their Judan-chan […]

Mazinkaiser SKL

Tweet Behind a gravity curtain waits Kikaijima, a colossal island leftover from the last world war and a lawless wasteland of robot superweapons. Receiving word that the island’s reactors will explode and vaporize the world, the Japanese government awakens the most destructive robot ever devised, Kaiser.

Queen’s Blade 2: The Evil Eye

Tweet Leina, Tomoe, and the rest of the finalists for the Queen’s Blade Tournament take up residence in the Queen’s Capitol. Each of the girls are paired up in duels, and friends are forced to fight each other.

Queen’s Blade

Tweet “Queen’s Blade” has generated excellent internet buzz and positive comparisons to our smash hit “Ikki Tousen.” Like Ikki, everyone fights everyone. And clothing? Well, it doesn’t stay on very well in this world.

20 Great Animated Movies For Grown-ups

Tweet Cartoons aren’t just for kids! Here’s an honor roll of movies that’ll thrill adults who get drawn in. From Animal Farm to The Animatrix, have a look at EW’s great list of cartoons for adults.

Queen’s Blade

Tweet Based on the “Queen’s Blade” visual combat books and the PSP game, this action-packed anime series centers on a bloody tournament of women warriors held once every 4 years.

Mouse Vol. 1: Stealing Temptation

Tweet Sorata is a young art instructor at Yamanoue School. Usually Sorata is a mousy, nerdy teacher but he also has a secret… he’s the internationally infamous thief Mouse.

Moribito: Guardian Of The Spirit

Tweet Balsa the spearwoman and bodyguard is a wandering warrior, who takes on the task of saving lives in atonement for a past sin.

Kanokon:The Girl Who Cried Fox 1

Tweet Kota is moving to the city to attend high school. Changes come with his new home and new school, but nothing could have prepared him for girls.