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The 8 Craziest Pieces Of Movie Memorabilia (That People Actually Bought)

Tweet If you like movies, or if you like collecting, or if you like weird objects passed off as memorabilia, you’ll love this story. A jacket, an Oscar and a kidney stone are all on the list. Check out Maxim’s list of the 8 craziest pieces of movie memorabilia that people actually bought.

King Of The Rocket Men

Tweet For a professor, Mr. King is very handy with his fists and has the added advantage of a secret, an experimental rocket suit that enables him to fly! But Dr. Vulcan has many deadly devices also. Can the Rocket Man expose Vulcan without revealing his own identity?

Aykroyd Reveals New Ghostbusters 3 Plot Details

Tweet The much-anticipated Ghostbusters 3 is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. Leading man Dan Aykroyd spoke today on “Larry King Now” revealing new details about the sequel’s plot. Check out Aykroyd’s quote at ComingSoon.

Paid To Kill

Tweet A man’s business deal fails and to provide for his best friend to kill him so his wife can collect on his insurance. The business deal comes through at the last minute, but he finds he can’t call off the murder. His double-crossing wife has different ideas!

The Unholy Four

Tweet Someone knocked a man out and left him for dead during a fishing trip in Portugal. That someone is either his fetching wife or two business partners, all sporting guilty faces after his unexpected return.

Flying Deuces

Tweet Flying Deuces is a 1939 comedy starring Laurel & Hardy. When Ollie falls in love with a beautiful woman who is already married to a soldier he decided to jump in a river and end it all, but he’s saved just in the nick of time.

The Son Of Monte Cristo

Tweet Spoiled dandy by day…courageous hero by night! In 1865, General Gurko Laned is dictator of ‘Lichtenburg’. Rightful ruler Zona hopes to get aid for Napoleon III of France. The visiting SON of MONTE CRISTO falls for Zona and undertakes to help her.

The Queen of Sheba

Tweet A monumental costume spectacle based on Bible events. When the son of King Solomon falls in love with the Queen of Sheba, their affair leads to an epic war.

Devil Doll

Tweet Grab a good seat and don’t look away, for The Great Vorelli is about to dazzle with his eerie mixture of hypnotism and ventriloquism. However, there may be something a little too lifelike about his dummy, Hugo.

My Dear Secretary

Tweet Kirk Douglas stars as Owen, a philandering novelist. When aspiring writer Stephanie signs on as his secretary, Waterbury approaches her as another conquest.