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Aykroyd Reveals New Ghostbusters 3 Plot Details

Tweet The much-anticipated Ghostbusters 3 is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. Leading man Dan Aykroyd spoke today on “Larry King Now” revealing new details about the sequel’s plot. Check out Aykroyd’s quote at ComingSoon.

‘Spectral’ Sounds Like a Gritty ‘Ghostbusters’

Tweet Since there’s a decent chance we fans may never see a third Ghostbusters get off the ground, maybe it’s time for a new team of paranormal professionals who are up to the task of capturing ghosts in New York City. Heat Vision has word on Spectral, an all-new project from Legendary Pictures and up […]

Dan Aykroyd Reveals Potential ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Cast

Tweet While most of the updates for the long rumored and gestating sequel Ghostbusters 3 usually consist of the same rigmarole, this particular update adds a nice tidbit of information into the mix. While appearing on The Dennis Miller Show (via ComingSoon), franchise star Dan Aykroyd once again says, “Yes, we will be doing the […]