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Woody Allen: 10 Best/5 Worst Movies

Tweet As Blue Jasmine arrives in theaters, let’s take a look back at some of Woody Allen’s greatest hits and worst misses. Check out this list of Woody Allen’s 10 best and 5 worst movies brought to you by the critics at EW.

5 Exciting Movies Based on a True (And Incredibly Boring) Story

Tweet We all know going to the movies is about escaping the monotony of your day-to-day when, just for example, Howard from IT pours the last of the coffee and DOESN’T REFILL THE POT, AGAIN. You kill the joe, you make some mo’, you inconsiderate shit! Um, anyway, movies take us away from our everyday […]

NC-17 to R: How 14 Movies Made the Cut(s)

Tweet “Shame” hits theaters with the most restrictive rating; see what other films like “American Pie,” “Basic Instinct,” and “Blue Valentine” did to avoid that fate. Check out the list of 14 movies who managed to make the cut from NC-17 to R, thanks to EW.

Movie Presidents Who Should Have Fired Their Security Staff

Where are all the guys that are supposed to jump in front of them in slow motion, screaming, “NOOOO”?

50 Greatest Sidekicks Ever

Tweet Just as Lone Ranger needed Tonto, so many pop culture luminaries wouldn’t have half their appeal without these top-notch second bananas — see why Chewbacca, Turtle, Willow, and more made the cut. Check out the list of the 50 greatest sidekicks ever at EW.

The 5 Toughest Guys Who Eat Twinkies

Tweet Fruits and vegetables are often regarded as foods that make you big and strong. But real men don’t waste their time on stuff like broccoli and apples – no, they need something much more substantial: A Twinkie. Sugar, enriched flour, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, polysorbate 60, and yellow dye #5 are all a growing […]

20 Unsexiest Sex Scenes

Tweet “Doing the nasty” was never more apt a phrase than when applied to these unpleasant movie hook-ups from “Observe and Report,” “Showgirls,” “Gigli,” “Bad Santa,” and others. Check out the 20 unsexiest sex scenes at EW.

5 Movie Father-In-Laws Who Would Totally Murder You

Tweet Father’s day is upon us, and for some guys, that doesn’t just mean dealing with you’re your own dad; it means dealing with a potential future father-in-law. That’s right – if you like her, sooner or later you’re going to have to meet her folks, and that’s when things can get awkward. Making a […]

The 3 Best Heist Movies (That Stole From Other Heist Movies)

Tweet Now You See Me is out now, and it’s a heist movie that features magicians teaming up to rob banks. While we’re not sure that “Penn & Teller Go Bank Robbing” is the best idea for a heist, we applaud it for at least being original, unlike these ideas. Check out the list at […]

Hot Pursuits: 20 Great Movie Chases

Tweet “Fast & Furious 6” delivers a pulse- and pedal-pounding game of vehicular cat and mouse; we’ll steer you to more scenes sure to get you revved up. From “The Bourne Legacy” to “The Fast Five” check out the list of 20 great movie chase scenes, thanks to EW.