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The Oscar Wrap Up

Tweet Out of the 24 categories, I correctly picked 15 of the winners, meaning I had an accuracy rating of 63%. I’ll admit, this was one of my worst years in recent memories. Below are my picks in italics and the winners, underlined . Best Picture “The Artist” “The Descendants” “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” […]

Billy Crystal Confirmed To Host The Oscars

Tweet Crystal certainly has plenty of experience at the job, having served as host eight other times, the first of which was twenty-one years ago. He still has a long way to go to catch up with Bob Hope, who hosted or co-hosted the Oscars a whopping 18 times. This news follows earlier reports that […]

10 Best Picture Nominees: Early Guesses

Tweet There seems to be some consensus among us Oscar predictors as to seven of the eventual nominees. After that it’s pretty much a field day of shot-in-the-dark prognostication. Here is EW’s stab at nominees.