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MGM Also Looking to Russell Crowe to Play ‘RoboCop’?

Tweet It’s been a busy week for Russell Crowe. Yesterday alone the actor was said to be part of the saving grace that would allow Akiva Goldsman to direct his gestating adaptation of Winter’s Tale, and then later in the evening it was said Darren Aronofsky was looking to Crowe to take the titular role […]

José Padilha Hints at Details on New ‘RoboCop’

Tweet Part man. Part machine. Part hospital. We’ve known since March this year that Brazilian filmmaker José Padilha, of Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, would be directing MGM’s new RoboCop remake/reboot. A few details have come out about it since, including that Padilha wanted someone like Michael Fassbender to star as the new Alex Murphy, […]

Aronofsky’s Robocop Reboot Finally Dead

Tweet The writing’s been on the wall for Darren Aronofsky’s Robocop reboot for awhile now. Back in February we heard he was still attached to the project, but the Requiem for a Dream director has shown no inclination to actually, you know, make it. Check out the full story at CinemaBlend.