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Darkness (T.M.A.)

Tweet Weary of his rock-and-roll lifestyle as a successful musician, Marek (Ivan Franek) takes time off to live in the country home of his childhood so he can pursue his hobby of painting. Unfortunately, the old, forgotten manor offers anything but peace and quiet. Haunted by strange noises and vivid childhood memories, Marek soon senses […]


Tweet When Elizabeth Pommeray, a prominent writer, is abandoned by her boyfriend Teddy Reed Bentley, son of a US senator, she vows to ruin both his reputation and chances for a future political career. Liz attempts this by introducing Teddy to the beautiful Rebecca Browning and her mother Constance.

By The Devil’s Hands: The 666 Killer

Tweet 25 years ago the mysterious 666 Killer left a trail of corpses. When the Killer’s thirst for blood has been renewed, only the unsuspecting Jamie Anderson stands in his way. The film explores the dark troubled world of the 666 Killer and the last hypnotic hours of his victims.

No Right Turn

Tweet Four People. Four Different Paths. One Intersection. One night Nina is abducted by thugs, but is rescued by the beautiful and timid Monella. Together Nina and Monella begin an erotic and passionate relationship that leads to a plot to steal Johnny’s drug stash.

Good Boy

Tweet Max (Josh Marcantel) attempts to escape his trapped existence by stealing money from his dismal job and heading to California. In search of the American Dream… he stumbles into a nightmarish world.