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Pro Wrestlers Vs. Zombies Trailers – Strangest Thing You’ll See Today

Tweet We love pro wrestlers and we love zombies so what’s not to love about this trailer. Check out their Kickstarter description – “Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies is a labor of love and our effort to bring to the fans what they really want: Good Old American Violence. This is an idea that fans instantly […]

The Greatest Legends Of Professional Wrestling

Tweet The series is a who’s who of the wrestling world. Every week the host will feature some of the greatest promoters, wrestlers, historians, and commentators ever to grace the wrestling business.

Cyberfights Episode 94 – Belts & Ladders

Tweet Belts & Ladders is a Cyberfights Championship Belt video with three pre-matches to get you worked up. 1. Davey Richards VS Fast Eddie. 2. Alex Pinchek VS Kurt Sterling.

Cyberfights Episode 92 – Bad Blood

Tweet Bad Blood, Cyberfights 92 delivers seven non-stop kick ass matches featuring Cyberfight favorites and new comers.

Cyberfights 7 Suicide Kid vs Fallen Angel Rematch

Tweet Ever since their rehearsal match turned into an all out brawl and Suicide Kid took a brutal beating, he has been demanding a re-match.