Seth Rogen to Host ’12 Independent Spirit Awards for Some Reason

EW has confirmed that Seth Rogen will host the 27th Film Independent Spirit Awards on Feb. 25, 2012. Rogen, who is best known for repeatedly playing an overweight, unfunny stoner, is also nominated as part of the producing team of ’50/50′, in which he stars an an overweight, unfunny stoner. Besides producing ’50/50′, Rogen is known for producing an astoundingly annoying laugh.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Seth as the host,” said senior director of FIND Sean McManus, who apparently has no idea who Seth is. “Seth’s charm, intelligence and quick wit are sure to light up the room and will make for a truly entertaining afternoon.” Prepare for a long day of a bloated Rogen chortling at his own humorless quips ad nauseum.

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