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Dead End Road

Tweet Detective Burt Williams has been on the trail of the infamous “Poe killer” for years. The most recent commandeering of fashion model Heather Makepiece prompts state authorities to bring in the FBI. Burt’s daughter Kris Williams, a homicide agent for the FBI, takes over the investigation.

School of Horror

Tweet A budding college filmmaker, has his work rejected again. His films are missing that one creative spark that could lead him to becoming the next Hollywood elite director. Rocky has no other recourse he must take film-making to a whole new level, or perish.

Pop Punk Zombies

Tweet A high powered music agent brings three recently deceased rockers back from the grave to form the first zombie punk band.


Tweet Cinderella gets a makeover in this dark tale of love, murder, and the walking dead. Cinder has troubles. She has a wicked step-stripper for a mom, her fairy godmother is a voodoo god, and worst of all she’s been murdered.