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5 Superheroes Who Deserve R-Rated Movies (And Might Get One)

Tweet What if studios were to change their minds about adult oriented superheroes? Where would be the best place for them to start looking for great characters and stories? With Kick-Ass 2 due out in theaters this weekend, I’ve dived into the world of comics to find the characters who not only would be served […]

Disney is Sending Marvel’s ‘Ant Man’ to Theaters in November 2015

Tweet After debuting some test footage at Comic-Con this past summer (check out our video blog here), the thought of releasing Edgar Wright’s take on the lesser known superhero Ant Man as early as 2014 became more of a reality. Now Disney and Marvel have made the dreams of comic book nerds come true again, […]

More Comic Book Movies on the Way

Tweet Hollywood’s insufferable affair with comic book adaptations continues. With upcoming film versions of “The Green Lantern”, “The Strange Case of Hyde”, “Judge Dredd” and the next installment of “Batman”, it seems like movie execs just can’t get enough of comic book characters. Unfortunately, it seems like moviegoers are growing tired of the trend. Honestly, […]